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No one likes to think about the possibility of their disability or death. Planning for end-of-life can be uncomfortable and even frightening. However, by postponing planning for these events until it’s too late, you run the risk that those you love the most may not receive what you want them to.

That’s why creating an estate plan is so important. It allows you, while you are still living, to ensure that your needs will be met, and that your life’s work will go to the people you want, in the way you want, and when you want.

At its core, an estate plan conveys your wishes on how your assets should be handled after you’re gone.

However, the benefits of a quality estate plan go far beyond distribution of assets. A well designed plan can bring great peace of mind. It protects your heir’s inheritance from divorces, lawsuits, and creditors. It permits you to save as much as possible on taxes, other costs, and it offers the comfort that your loved ones can mourn your loss without being simultaneously burdened.

7 out of 10 people will need some type of long term care. In 2020, the average cost for a nursing home in Pennsylvania was $10,038 per month.

The average senior needs care for about three years, costing $361,368.

If your loved one suddenly became ill and the doctor tells you that they need full-time care in a nursing home, what would you do?

It’s unfortunate that many seniors are paying for nursing home care out of pocket. They are draining their hard earned life savings within months instead of years.

Don’t let this happen to you and your family. We can help you navigate the complexities of Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Medicaid and put a plan together, even if your loved one is already in a nursing home.

When a loved one passes away, their estate may need to be settled in a court process called probate.

While this sounds straightforward, it rarely goes as planned. Administering a loved one’s estate often involves disputes between beneficiaries which leads to expensive delays.

The length of the probate also depends on the complexity of the estate, the assets included, and number of beneficiaries. More complex estates will take longer, and can get tied up in probate court for many years.

With the help of our experienced probate attorneys, we can resolve these issues efficiently and amicably. Our goal is to take care of your legal needs and to also take care of you.

We want you to feel confident that you’ll get the results you need.

Special needs estate planning focuses on providing care for the needs of our loved ones with disabilities after we are gone.

Parents of children with special needs must make careful estate planning choices to coordinate all of their children’s legal, financial, and special care needs – both now and in the future.

We work with you to understand your financial situation your priorities regarding the care of your loved one. We also determine what benefits are available to provide medical, financial, and domestic support to your special needs child.

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After finishing the webinar, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with our office to create a custom plan built just for you.

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